Tips for Selling Commercial Property

Tips for Selling Commercial Property


Commercial real estate selling is a specialist field. Not all property agents know enough about the commercial property market and the property type to do it well. Sellers should choose their agent with care.

The owners of investment property that want to sell their asset should carefully choose a real estate agent that is well versed in the market trends and the property type. That agent should also show a high level of current market share and success in   gewerbeimmobilien verkaufen   commercial property over the years.

Selling commercial property is not an ‘experiment’ or an exercise in ‘hope and pray’. When undertaken correctly in any market situation by a skilful agent, a property will attract enquiry and a sale is possible. The result then sits on the client’s ability to accept the market price and market evidence. There are always buyers out there; they just have to be found and the sellers need to be accepting of the market trends.

Today’s price for a property is not necessarily at some escalated figure from that which the client paid some few years ago. Not all properties go up in price and the market has a huge impact on the sale processes and outcomes at the moment. Sellers have to be realistic on price and method of sale. Agents should help them with that.

The sellers of commercial property should also choose a real estate agent to market their property based on evidence of success and not on any offered discounts of commission, marketing, or method of sale. Discounts or bonuses in the sale process do not attract a buyer and rarely a positive outcome.

To list and market a commercial property for sale, key considerations come into play such as those on:

The ideal method of sale given the prevailing market conditions and the economic outlook.

The timing of the sale given the local property market activities and trends.

The best method of marketing that can attract the best levels of enquiry from the target market for the property.

The right level of price that the property can attract in today’s terms (not something from 3 years ago).

The client’s flexibility in accepting a price based on today’s market and not some ‘wish list’.

The location of other similar property for sale in the local area and the price that they are being marketed at.

The stability of the existing lease and its attraction of cash flow for the new property owner.

The types of improvements in the property today and how they match the services and amenities required by qualified tenants.

The established database of contacts that an agent may already have and be willing to use in the marketing process.

The quality of the tenant and the tenure that they bring the building in the sale process.

Inspection and due diligence processes that capture the all the facts for the sale process.

Selling a commercial property is a highly skillful process. The chosen agent and salesperson should bring all these skills to the property owner. In that way a property sale in any market and economic situation is far more possible.