Purchase Website Traffic at Your Own Risk

Purchase Website Traffic at Your Own Risk  

If your website were a Hollywood celebrity then for the website, to purchase website traffic would mean paying viewers to watch her movie. Now, how good is that? If you are thinking of purchasing website traffic then do it at your own risk because purchased   Organic Visitors    website traffic is never as good as organic website traffic.


Because when you purchase web site traffic, you are bribing a broker to bring rented visitors to your website, now these people either can be interested in the things you have on your site, or they are not interested at all.

It is a risk! And why take a risk after paying money? A free risk is understandable, but a risk which is paid by you in real dollars? WOW! Let me explain why it is a risk and why you should avoid getting purchased web site traffic to your domain.

Perils of purchased web site traffic

The traffic that you pay for is never targeted, and unlike organic traffic that you get from search engines or social sites, these people have just visited your website because they have been cheated into this.

This kind of traffic will not make any purchase because these are the people who were not looking for the solution you are selling.

This is a short-term solution to a long term problem. The paid traffic is always a gamble because as soon as you stop paying for the traffic the traffic you purchased stop visiting your website.

Purchased website traffic will not refer you to their friends.