Tips for Finding Cheap Holiday in Europe

Tips for Finding Cheap Holiday in Europe


There are so many people who spend thousands and thousands on getting that perfect holiday. They think they need the most comfortable seats on the plane and they think that the summer holidays 2021 more they spend on accommodation, the better it will be. This is one of the most frustrating speculations by the majority of travellers.

People do not realise that you can travel to any country in Europe with a family of four for under £1000. Yes, it sounds like something that is too good to be true. But if you shop around or if you have someone shop around for you, it couldn’t be easier.

It is all about knowing where to look. Follow these tips to finding a cheaper than normal holiday from the UK to Europe.

• Do not visit your local travel agent and go for their ‘hot deals.’ Ultimately, they are sales people trying to sell you these non cheap holidays. Travel agents get a cut of the sales they make so where’s this money coming from… YOU!

• Do not think you’re going to get a great deal last minute. Yes, you can and will do if you’re lucky enough but when it comes to flights, the lower the number of seats remaining, the higher the price is.

• Shop around for ‘early bird’ deals. Many hotels in Europe offers early bird deals with some offering over 50% off if you order a booking in advance.

• Think about the bits you really do not need and subtract them from your holiday to turn it into a cheap holiday. For example, when booking flights, most flight operators will add one bag per person to your itinerary. But could you cope with 2 bags between 4 people? If you could, this can be a saving of up to £60 with some operators.

There are four tips that will already help you to save money when flying from the UK to Europe. Stick to them and you will notice your pockets feeling heavier than normal. Now you will be able to find a cheap holiday and you will be going on cheap holidays for the rest of your life.