Any individual who’s planned or carried out a safeguard, at any level, knows probably the hardest choice is choosing what the Linebacker peruses ought to be. Choices for linebacker peruses include: one hostile lineman (most normally a Guard); one fullback; numerous offense linemen; or different tailbacks. There are numerous different varieties, especially for claim to fame offenses. An illustration of this would be mentors perusing the butt of the Quarterback versus a Wing-T.

To be effective, it is fundamental for linebackers to peruse more than one player or activity in a given play. All things being equal, you should instruct a Triangle Read or some likeness thereof. For our 4-3 Defense, our Linebacker read Triangle was:

  1. The snap of the football. See the football from the side of your eye. อาหารเหนือ This isn’t really the “Essential” read, yet something you need to see prior to whatever else can occur. It could be feasible to play a base protection while never seeing the football – just move when your first key moves. Notwithstanding, with our broad barrage bundle, I accept players need ball development to time up rushes. Accordingly, they ought to become accustomed to proceeding onward ball development.
  2. The Nearest Running Back. The Mike Linebacker would consistently peruse the Fullback – a simple idea versus the I-Formation. The Will and Sam sponsor read the closest back to them. In the I-Formation, the two of them read Tailback. Against certain hostile styles, this will change. It is entirely expected to “Cross-key” or read the back inverse their arrangement, against a Wing-T. We may likewise cross-key against Zone Read Teams, including the Quarterback as one of the peruses if there is no pitch back.
  3. Closest Offensive Guard. We need to glance through the Guards to the backs, getting anything peculiar in Guard development with our fringe vision as we see our essential key, the closest back. The “Pretty Girl in the Mall” idea typically grabs their eye – see monitors very much like you see a beautiful young lady in the shopping center. You’re strolling along, staying out of other people’s affairs – and afterward a gorgeous young lady gets your attention, let your consideration go to it. A Guard is normally terminating out, run hindering. On the off chance that you see something else – pull inside, pull outside, or high cap pass read – respond to it! You will find that while Guards are the way in to the offense, at the secondary school level they are difficult to peruse when they are not accomplishing something strange (the Pretty Girl hypothesis is taken – however I don’t have a clue who from!).

In the event that your experience has been in any way similar to mine, you have tracked down that a few players favor one sort of read, while others are more OK with another. Maybe in the event that you are 100% sure that single direction or another is best, you are more viable in training it. I’m not, so I regularly wind up tangled and tailor the peruses to every individual player – inasmuch as they by and large achieve a similar goal.

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