Perceptions from the Pop Warner and AYF National Championships

Pop Warner is a cross country youth football program that has groups in 44 states and had around 400,000 children taking part from ages 5-15. Pop Warner has exceptionally severe age and weight necessities for each age bunch that has worked for them for quite a long time. Children with higher loads are not permitted to play by any means.

AYF has groups in each of the 50 states and more than 600,000 members age 5-15. AYF has both a weighted and age structure like Pop Warner, yet they have a limitless weight division also. The AYF Tournament is held in Kissimmee, Florida simultaneously as the Pop Warner Tournament. The two settings are around 20-25 minutes from one another. I went through 3 days at the Pop Warner Tournament and 3 days at the AYF Tournament, evenings were gone through crouching with instructing staffs from North Carolina to California. It was an extremely taxing week, youth football from day break to well past sunset. I watched 19 complete games and portions of around 20 others, so I got a great glance at 38 groups and a decent look at 40 extra groups. The Pop Warner Tournament facilitated 64 groups, while the AYF Tournament had around 120 groups in it, as the AYF has both weighted and limitless divisions.

To come to Florida in one or the other competition, your group needs to win your home region League Championship just as Regional Championship. That implies the greater part of the groups that get to Florida have records like 13-0 and 14-0, with many having some exceptionally vainglorious numbers to oblige their noteworthy records. I can’t recollect how frequently I heard mentors say they had just been scored on 1-2 times the entire season. Indeed the groups here are the large gorillas of their neighborhoods, of which have ruled wire to wire. Some ruled to their own inconvenience, more on that in later posts.

The two competitions are played on various field scenes. AYF plays at Austin, Tyndale Park, which has 7 fields. แนะนําบอล There are decent 10 column grandstands, every one of the games are recorded by experts and there is a very much done prize show region supported by Under Armor. There are free computer game and abilities advancement regions to keep the children occupied with during breaks. There are a lot of food and gift merchants in the middle of fields for the players and fans also. To get back the “Public Championship” feel there is signage wherever from both AYF and it’s different patrons. A day pass is $10, week after week pass is $25.

The Pop Warner Tournament is held at Disney’s Wild World of Sports complex on the Disney property. There are 6 fields and all games are recorded by experts. You can purchase a DVD of any game for $30, very much like at AYF, so all mentors have exact exploring material of their future rivals. At this competition, you have numerous options for food and drink just as for trinkets. There are presumably twice as numerous merchants at this area contrasted with AYF. The cheerleading contest is additionally held here inside, so you will see a large number of little team promoters strolling around in the complex. The entirety of the games are likewise shown deferred with analysis on TVs in the cafés and public space of the mind boggling politeness of ESPN. They give a genuine expert feel to the games, as NFL or College games. The “television” field will be field 17, those games can be seen live in the cafés and public region TVs. Features of the games with discourse are constantly being run on those screens. The expense for a 1 day pass at Disney is $13.50, for the week it is $40.00.

While clearly the Disney scene is considerably more fan cordial and gives you puts you can plunk down and eat a decent feast and watch the games on TV, the two spots have a “Title Feel” about them. There are loads of grinning faces in the two camps and both appear to be run well indeed.

Dave Cisar-Dave has an energy for creating youth mentors so they can thusly foster groups that are serious and efficient. He is a Nike “Mentor of the Year” Designate and talks cross country at Coaches Clinics. His book “Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan” was supported by Tom Osborne and Dave Rimington.

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