Reason # 1. Clearly, so we can at last have an obvious victor, with no theory. What’s more, it’s groups that contended energetically to arrive. Groups that are deserving..not some over weight stalwart that hasn’t played a game in 2 months since they don’t play a gathering title.

Reason # 2. It would give additional meriting meetings like the SEC and the Big12 an opportunity to get in. Along these lines safeguarding an intriguing game. No more victories!

Reason # 3. It’s what the fans need. President elect Barrack Obama even said a 8 game season finisher framework has been long over due in school football. We should give individuals what they need!

Reason # 4. No one thinks often about the outback bowl. No one thinks often about any of the dishes other than the BCS bowls and the title game is the solitary genuine television draw on a weeknight. You get this season finisher framework and abruptly it’s March Madness in December. What’s seriously intriguing then a section with these 8 groups in it. Florida, USC, Texas Tech, Georgia , Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma ST. I wouldn’t put Penn ST. or then again Mizz on there however for you fans, it could occur. Then, think of the activity that a 16 game framework would deliver. The Sweet Sixteen has never been seen this way… เว็บคาสิโน ที่ดีที่สุด

Reason # 5. I’m tired of all the talking. We should settle this. No more will there be some under achiever that accomplished over weeping for a piece of the title. No more “co. champions.” Not that there at any point was truly. To my memory they just give out one precious stone ball every year. Still,I am tired of the babble. I need to see some activity.

Reason # 6. I’m tired of hearing Pete Carrol cry regarding how his group merits a shot. I need to see USC take on a genuine team. Not one of these fair groups that appear to mess up the National title suggestions for USC consistently, yet a genuine group, with a genuine safeguard. I surmise that doesn’t deal with Pete Carrol’s crying though, because after a whipping from UG or UF. USC will at last be viewed as they are. Also, not the best group in school football.

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