Had an inquiry come to me through email this week from a first year youth mentor: Is face handling lawful in youth football?

The current NFHS Rule book characterizes Face Tackling under NFHS 2-20-1.b (Illegal Helmet Contact) as, “Face Tackling is a demonstration by a cautious player who starts contact with a ball transporter with the front of his head protector”.

This is a 15 yard punishment and was placed in the standard books more than 20 years prior. Shockingly many mentors that are instructing youth football haven’t played for more than 20 years and don’t realize that in addition to the fact that this is illicit, it very well may be hazardous. Driving with the head or face intrinsically squeezes the head and neck. This can be an extremely perilous technique for handling at the adolescent level.

This punishment could likewise be summoned against those players who are educated to “nibble the football”, a famous handling training point with numerous football trainers. Frequently players taught in this style start contact with the facemask, which is an unmistakable infringement of this standard. แทงบอลUFABET

While many handling trends go back and forth they should consistently breeze through the security and rules assessment, regardless of how successful they might be. I’ve seen this handling strategy instructed by a previous High School mentor of the year in Omaha, however that doesn’t mean the standard book doesn’t concern him or your group.

Ensure you are showing protected AND lawful method to your children this coming season.

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