UEFA chooses to drop Armenia versus Azerbaijan matches and give the two sides zero focuses. While Armenia needed to play as indicated by UEFA leads and was prepared to have a match in Armenia and travel to Baku for the trade game, Azerbaijan would not have Armenia and travel to Yerevan, subsequently conflicting with the set up UEFA rules.

As a rule in this kind of a circumstance UEFA rebuffs the side that conflicts with the set up rules. For this situation Armenia and Azerbaijan are rebuffed similarly. One inquires as to WHY? How is this?

Armenia is rebuffed with a zero focuses for not consenting to play in a nonpartisan field. Yerevan needed to play as per the principles of the UEFA game. In case UEFA planned to say in the event that Armenia and Azerbaijan fall in a similar gathering we will drop the matches except if they consented to play in a nonpartisan game, it should had done this before the groups were chosen so everybody would know the standards.

Presently, both UEFA and Azerbaijan change rules in the game. This tosses a major shade on the unbiasedness and authority or UEFA.

“The UEFA Executive Committee, led by UEFA President Michel Platini, finished its

meeting today early afternoon, at the Abe Lenstra arena in Heerenveen, in front of this evening’s UEFA

European Under-21 Championship Final. เทคนิคแทงบอลถ่ายสด

“Additionally investigated was the circumstance in regards to the area of the matches to be played between

Armenia and Azerbaijan, in the UEFA EURO 2008(TM) qualifying rivalry. As no appropriate

compromise could be found between the two affiliations it was chosen to drop the two

matches, specifically Azerbaijan-Armenia booked for 8 September and Armenia-Azerbaijan

plan for 12 September, and to grant the two affiliations zero focuses for the matches.”

Indeed UEFA has the privilege to drop matches, yet just of two gatherings give assent. Armenia has over and over said that it won’t consent to retraction. Presently the games are dropped with the two players granted zero focuses. As you notice in the citation “As no reasonable

compromise could be found between the two associations…” Suitable trade off??? So assuming one of the public groups of UEFA needs to disregard the principles of UEFA games the arrangement is to track down a reasonable trade off or to rebuff the violator? I trust the jury to decide wisely.

This isn’t simply and not reasonable. Soccer, sports and governmental issues ought not blend. Truth be told Armenia imagined that making a trip to Bauk and facilitating the National Soccer Team of Azerbaijan could be a kindness motion toward making a commitment to a harmony interaction haggled by the OSCE. UEFA ought to have thought about this and grant this methodology.

Notwithstanding, UEFA grants harmony with zero focuses.

We approach UEFA to reevaluate its choice and restore equity. In the event that one party would not like to play with the principles that UEFA has set up, for what reason should the other party be denied from focuses?

UEFA should allow Azerbaijan a subsequent opportunity to play the games with Armenia and advance them under a harmony drive, not under hostility. In the event that Azerbaijan doesn’t consent to the since quite a while ago settled guidelines of UEFA, it ought to be rebuffed for such a conduct and Armenia given the merited focuses.

Sports and governmental issues ought not be blended in with one another. Truth be told sports and games enjoy consistently been advertiser of harmony and comprehension among countries.

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