Southeastern Conference (SEC) football is the best school football in America for some reasons. In any case, at the core, all things considered, are astounding football competitions. Unquestionably the greatest SEC football contention is the intrastate Alabama versus Auburn competition.

In the province of Alabama, you are either an over the top enthusiast of Auburn University or the University of Alabama. You need to pick sides. Impartiality in such a big deal impossible.

Throughout the long term, school football has developed into a significant piece of Alabama life. Alabama locals are justifiably glad for their rich school football legacy. Think “Bear Bryant,” Bo Jackson, Joe Namath thus numerous others.

In any case, there is one specific day of the year when everybody in Alabama centers around one football match-up. That game is the yearly Auburn versus Alabama “Iron Bowl”. Loved ones can be separated – basically for the day the Iron Bowl is played. อัพเดทเกมใหม่

The Iron Bowl is presumably the greatest contention game in all of school football. A dominate in that match isn’t simply one more check in the triumph segment. It regularly assumes a significant part in concluding who wins the SEC Western Division and goes to the SEC Championship Game. A triumph in this game additionally has sufficient load to change a terrible season into a decent one; or, the other way around.

Indeed, losing four straight Iron Bowls presumably was the straw that broke the camel’s back that cost Alabama mentor Mike Shula his occupation after the 2006 season. Shula was the main Crimson Tide lead trainer to at any point lose four straight Iron Bowls.

Through 2006, Alabama drives the unequaled Iron Bowl series record 38-32-1. Nonetheless, Auburn has won every one of the beyond five Iron Bowls. The game is consistently the last round of the normal season for each group.

The 2007 Iron Bowl will be played on November 24, 2007 at Auburn’s Jordan Hare Stadium. Without a doubt new Bama mentor Nick Saban is zeroing in bunches of energy on dominating that match.

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