Back in obscurity ages, when I was thirty, I at last found time to take math. For a brief and crazy second I figured I may attempt to get a MBA…it appeared to be intelligent at that point. Presently I can see that this math course was one more of the blocks in my very own yellow block street to the transpersonal. As I was diving into subordinates and addressing that multitude of conditions, I GOT incredibly, in one of those extraordinary Aha! minutes. You can depict anything – without question, anything – with math. A work of art, music, a feeling, a thought – anything. It blew my mind. I was lost in the Zen of a math second. As I think back, that second changed my discernments until the end of time. So here I am today, attempting to get my head around sacrosanct math. I want to bring the entire idea of hallowed math rational so a few of us humans can get what it is and why we would mind in any case. After thirty years (my aides have guaranteed me that I am not the slowest soul in creation) I’m having another Aha! It just ain’t excessively confounded, kids! Indeed, you can get bent into the math of the brilliant proportion and the non-romantic solids, and how they collaborate with the vivacious network, and how your considerations are projected into that matrix and start the course of sign by getting sorted out into basic mathematical shapes that then, at that point, turn into movement in the fourth aspect before the “presto!” second where they take on substance in a three dimensional world.

You can likewise dismantle your TV and attempt to track down the minuscule pictures inside. Here is the thing that the regular client of Sacred Geometry has to know: all creation depends on absurdly straightforward math. Our musings invigorate particles into vibration. They gather in unsurprising ways around the vivacious network (you can call this the shared mindset assuming you need). These particles structure into bunches organized in unsurprising calculations, examples and movements. At the point when they have assembled adequate mass, you have – stuff. Yes. An appearance. Since this appearance is “creation”, a fairly god-like idea, we call it holy. Furthermore, it is, in spite of the fact that we are largely must settle in considering ourselves divine beings. You can do this with or without a scholarly or natural comprehension of Sacred Geometry actually like you can stare at the TV without every one of the specialized subtleties.

Knowing a smidgen about the Sacred Geometry of human cognizance can help some different things snap into center. Once more, holy math is the actual shape our contemplations take as they become things. It is us being co-makers of the universe. The human awareness is communicated mathematically as a dodecahedron. Alright. Lay terms. Twelve-sided soccer สุดยอดคาสิโน

Each face of this ball is a pentagon – one of a not very many shapes that have equivalent sides and equivalent points at each corner. (this is a critical truth however fits in the class of little pictures in the TV, if you catch my drift.) If you involve a spot on the outer layer of this ball, you know about those things on your plane of the ball, yet you can’t see or experience anything on any of the other eleven surfaces. That is really awful, on the grounds that every one of the twelve of these surfaces consolidate to make up your awareness. You know how they say we just utilize a negligible part of our synapses? All things considered, we are just mindful of a twelfth of our human awareness! Such is reality in three dimensional.

Presently we should add development into this conversation. As the recurrence of earth’s vibration increments, so does the recurrence of our own human vibration. We are in a developmental spot where we are opening up to hold inconceivably expanded measures of light. How? Indeed, for a certain something, our little 12-sided ball is evolving. In the old three dimensional world, every one of those countenances is a plane – level as a flapjack. Yet, we won’t stick around in the third aspect significantly longer. Many are now well into, and some are through the fourth aspect. Here is the means by which that appears to be unique:

In case you get too scared to even consider perusing on, realize that you don’t have to see any of this to do it! In case you are a lightworker on the way, you are expanding your actual capacity to hold light, and your dodecahedron has effectively become stellated! You are now a sharp soccer ball.

What would you be able to get in 4-D that you didn’t get in three dimensional? Well for a certain something, in 4-D you can “see” from all appearances of your human cognizance – not simply from one. Your clairvoyant or visionary capacities create, and the craving to follow Spirit turns out to be increasingly compelling. As you figure out how to explore in this enthusiastic body (as recognized from the actual body) you start to have more clear dreams, more dj vu encounters. You move from the regular base of information into a heart based knowing. You will draw from the information in every one of the twelve of the elements of your awareness.

(This appears to be somewhat similar to having the option to return to secondary school, knowing what we know now. Ok the brilliant potential outcomes!)

That is just fine. How would we improve the probability that we will really get to the fourth aspect? In case you’re not tuned into reflecting on holy math, you can attempt an activity that Lightworker presented a couple of years prior that works with this calculation in a more congenial manner. The Group started showing Lightworkers how to communicate with the orthagonal lattice. That interaction required envisioning life energy as being drawn down into the body through a progression of three right point turns. Effectively exploring the orthagognal grid yields an outing into multidimensional cognizance. Here is the manner by which you do it:

At each turn, take three full breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Start by attracting the brilliant light of Universal energy through the crown charka to the count of (three full breaths) Bring the light down the spinal segment to the hips. Turn the light at a right point and send it out to the edge of your hips. (three breaths) Finally, send the light at a right point go down to the earth (three all the more full breaths).

Communicated as calculation, the principal “right point divert takes the energy from the universe and carries it into the one dimensional pentagon on the level page. The subsequent turn collaborates with the pentagon on the level page and transforms it into the three dimensional soccer ball. The third right point turn pulls the five sides up and out of each face of the soccer ball into a 4-D reality. Presently when you set up that entire shootin’ match, turning in space, you have the vibration of creation. Then, at that point, watch out, on the grounds that your reality is going to change. You may not see you have entered a multidimensional reality immediately, yet over the long run – hours, weeks, months, you will start to move your discernments and permit all the more light, more energy, and more experience into your cognizance. Furthermore, that, companions, is the means by which you start to show intentionally!

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