With his healthy grin
he fills everybody’s heart with joy
his dimples gives pleasure to other people
he is The New All-American Boy

(Section) This is The New All-American Boy
brought into the world external the USA with his heart to satisfy his youth dream which is
The American Dream of giving a home to his wonderful spouse and kids

(Pre-ensemble) his grin brings to his neighbors
he plays soccer and score objectives when he is at his zone
he love school and treat individuals with extraordinary consideration and human pride
he is known for his American fairness by his with friends and guardians and personnel in school

(Theme) His settler story from Honduras to UCLA,
the world’s best school in sports,
move the regular American that everything is conceivable
His respectable inspiration is that all individual Americans satisfy their American Dreams

Instrumental Bridge/Solo

(Span) All of my endeavors is to be my best
Having an effect in individuals’ lives is my lifetime vocation
To make my folks glad for raising to be their fantasy satisfied
Waving the banner of the United States of America in US. Olympic Games I do it competently แนะนําแทงบอลวันนี้

Instrumental Interlude

Making soccer the quickest’ sports in the 21st Century
Acquiring the world’s best games the U.S. is conceivable
At the point when you open your eyes, you will see both US Women’s National Soccer Team too the US Men’s National Soccer Team being title holders
The United States of America will be consistently the main

(Youngsters’ Chorus)
In the U.S. you can accomplish everything you could ever want
The American Dream is in all of us
Nothing can at any point split us up, we are and will consistently be the United States of America
A Nation of Immigrant
A Nation of Opportunities for all
A Nation of Honor

Instrumental Bridge/Solo

Soccer is the settler sport turning into the standard game for all Americans
Regardless of whether you’re from East LA or Bel Air, you can figure out how soccer quite well
Regardless of whether you’re from San Francisco or Chicago, you can be the following soccer star to lead the USA for FIFA Soccer World Cup
Try not to surrender, and never back-down, together we can get it going

Ensure you continue to buckle down in school
Get your work done and do right by your folks
Be a productive member of society and make this nation incredible
Administration is the most significant level of honor you and I make it the U.S. be consistently awesome
With adoration, we will consistently be the main on the planet.

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